specialized in ophthalmology

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After my master optician examination, I first worked for 3 years as an operations manager in an optician's shop.
In 1998 I moved to the ophthalmology industry and started my career in sales, marketing and application in leading positions for ophthalmic medical (IOL, pIOL, Viscoealstics) and medical technical products such as OCT, EpiLasik and Femtophakolasers and worked as head of product management for an IOL manufacturer.
In 2007 I founded vision-consulting, but only in 2017 I ventured into 100% self-employment and have placed myself on 2 pillars:

Consulting and Sales

vision-consulting Silke Glöckler stands for many years of experience and deep knowledge in optics and ophthalmic surgery

  • Freelance Consultant

Very interesting for start-ups that want to enter the German market but do not yet want to or cannot commit themselves to their own employees or to temporarily supplement the core team for projects.

  •  I offer 24 years of management experience and market knowledge for the distribution of intraocular lenses, refractive surgery, consumables and single-use products in ophthalmic surgery in Germany.
  • Experience in sales and application of Fourrier Domain OCTs and Femtophaco lasers complete my spectrum.

Ongoing consulting projects:
since 2021 PRESBIA Ireland LTD as freelance consultant in Germany

Product: Flexivue Microlens to correct Presbyopia


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Study monitoring
  • Training of surgeons and refractive managers
  • Advice and training of interested ophthalmic surgeons in Germany
  • Distributor Product training from  in English
  • Calculation of the Flexivue Microlens for surgeons
  • Surgical observation-hospitation before and during implantation
  • Lead generation for surgeons

  • Sales

vision-consulting Silke Glöckler specializes in innovative and solid consumables and single-use solutions for eye surgery and distributes Single Use Instruments, Single Use Instrument Packs and OP Custom Packs

  • Individual surgical custom packs
  • Single Use Instruments in removal boxes
  • individual Single Use instrument sets
  • Single Use ophthalmic Knifes

We cooperate with various leading companies in the industry.